8 Reasons Why Leading With Significance Is Sweeter Than Christmas Candy

by | May 31, 2023 | Growth, Leadership

Joey Havens

Ready for a bold statement? My new book Leading with Significance is sweeter than Christmas candy! There, I said it.

Here’s eight reasons why:

  1. The joy of impacting the lives of others far outlasts the fleeting pleasure from the sweetness of Christmas candy.  
  2. The more you focus on people first, the stronger you get, while too much candy can be a stomach ache.   
  3. You never run out of the goodies from magnetic culture but Christmas candy always runs out.  
  4. There’s no real cost to investing in people, while Christmas candy always hits the pocketbook.   
  5. Everybody enjoys a strong sense of belonging, not everyone can enjoy Christmas candy.
  6. Mom’s fudge is delightful, but it’s less filling than the joy of elevating others.
  7. Leading with significance expands your influence while the Christmas candy only expands your waistline.
  8. We always want more leaders who serve and care, we don’t always want another piece of Christmas candy. 

Mom, nothing in this blog is meant to indicate that we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas with candy. That goes for Jan’s chocolate peanut butter bars, too! CeCe, did you eat the last piece of fudge?  

Leading with Significance releases in SIX DAYS! Place your order today.

Leading with Significance received recognition from Amazon as being the number one new release on our pre-order book launch.

You can order your copy here. For more information on my presentations or to access my beBetter blog library go to joeyhavens.com   

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