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A Small Personal Touch Makes Big Difference

By Joey Havens

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Now this is a special birthday card! This one is from my 5-year-old granddaughter, Dabs. Here, she has drawn pictures of her younger brother, Sullivant, who is fondly called Sully (and Bu Bun as shown in this picture). Also included are Dabs, her older brother, Davis, her parents, Margie and Brandon,  me (Pops), and my wife, CeCe.

A card like this has so much meaning because of the personal touch, love and creativity. It’s one I’ll treasure forever. Dabs, in her own youthful and innocent way, is demonstrating how we can show others we care.  

What can we learn from this “WOW” experience?

What personal touch would make a big difference for someone?

Who would treasure a handwritten note? Even personal notes in email, text or instant messaging can lift others up.

Disney excels at this “magic.” How do we show up for our clients and demonstrate a generous mindset that makes them feel special? When we care, it does make a difference. Thanks, Dabs, for reminding me that I can make my interactions special, too, by adding a small personal touch.