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Accounting Profession Futureview: More With Less

By Joey Havens

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The COVID-19 pandemic sped the development of some hard trends that will change the view of our profession in the future. In the latest AICPA Journal of Accountancy, I shared my mantra for the year — More with Less — and why accountants should consider it our rallying cry.

What does More with Less mean for the accounting profession, and how is it connected to our futureview? First and foremost, it does not mean fewer people. It means we will be doing more consulting and offering new services that rely on value or fixed pricing. That means we will have less dependence on compliance revenues and services based on chargeable hours.

That’s a good thing, because technology-powered automation is making time more of a restraint to our firms than the revenue-generating friend it was the last 100-plus years. It’s a new day in accounting, and More with Less is central to our futureview. 

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