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Avoidance Thwarts Full Potential

By Joey Havens

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CeCe is feverishly telling some of our best friends about TJ, our neighbor’s long-haired Persian cat, who likes to roam our neighborhood. TJ is a big, beautiful cat. As I’m listening to the story, she shares that TJ has been missing for three days and this is very unusual. Our neighbors are naturally upset and beginning to put posters out, driving around the surrounding neighborhoods and asking everyone to be on the lookout for TJ. CeCe is wrapping up her story when I decide to pipe up with my knowledge of cats.

“He’s a tomcat.”

CeCe replies, “He is not a tomcat; he is TJ the cat.”

“I don’t mean it offensive, but he is a tomcat and sometimes tomcats go off and stay gone for several days. They might be hunting or socializing with a female cat.”

Again, CeCe recounts, “He is not a tomcat, he is a long-haired Persian cat named TJ”

“Tomcat is not a derogatory term, CeCe. It is a common term for a male domestic cat. Literally, TJ is a tomcat.

“He is not and don’t say that again!”

“Okay, but I think you are providing some blog material right now.” Ha!

How often do we do everything we can to avoid facing reality? We tell ourselves stories that justify our behaviors, situation or feelings.

Our egos want us to be right. Our brains are wired to make us feel good about ourselves.

Yet, we can’t achieve our full potential unless we are willing to face reality, no matter how uncomfortable it might make us. Embracing reality (the good and the bad) allows us to change course, grow faster and instills more confidence in ourselves. Deep down inside, we know when we are avoiding reality.

TJ is a long-haired Persian tomcat.

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