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Beautiful Sunrise, Awesome Attitude

By Joey Havens

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Sunrise over water

I’m headed out to fish for my favorite fish, crappie, on Ross Barnett Reservoir this morning. The sunrise is so beautiful, I just have to stop and take a picture. My heart is flooded with gratitude as I reflect on so many blessings in my life especially the joy of experiencing this brisk morning sunrise. 

Sunrise over water

It affects my entire attitude about life, family, fishing and raises my expectations of what I might catch today. I realize I am at my best in these moments — not only be my best at whatever I’m doing but to also be grateful for the opportunity to do it.  Jon Gordon loves to say, it’s what we “get” to do not what we “have” to do.  

Our challenge is to take this positive energy, the daily sunrise, to work with us. The more I can replicate this awesome attitude, this energy, the more positive significance I will have on everyone around me. My performance and results will be better. I know seeing the sunrise, reflecting on my blessings and thinking about the people I can help today is where my energy rises for an awesome attitude to guide me during the day. What energizes you as you start the work day? How can we be more purposeful and intentional to rev up our engines?  

Let’s be intentional to embrace our positive energy every day so we can pursue excellence and impact lives. Somebody is not catching any fish today and they need some of our awesome attitude to land their next fish.  

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