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Chasing the Sanitation Truck Again, but for the Right Reasons

By Joey Havens

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Oh no! What is that roar in my ears as I see Oliver growl and raise his head off the bed on my desk?  I forgot about the sanitation pick-up today.  AGAIN!  My ears are ringing as the last thing CeCe said to me as she headed off to get ready for bed was, it’s garbage pick-up day tomorrow and don’t forget the cards I did for the men. 

Glancing over into the foyer, I see the three thank you cards sitting conveniently right at the front door. Grabbing the cards and a quick dash to the garage and down the driveway I go with two cans and CeCe’s thank you cards. 

The guys on the truck start smiling (they’ve seen this before), slow down and jump off to help me with the cans. 

“Thank you so much!”

“No problem, glad to help. Have a great day!”

Reaching into my pocket, “hey, here’s a thank you from me and CeCe as yall always do such a great job for us and we wanted to express our appreciation.”   

“Man, that’s awesome. Thank you!”  As I walk to the driver’s window and hand him his card too. All with a handwritten note (and cash) from CeCe.

CeCe is always leading our family in being grateful and showing appreciation for those around us. People who serve us and interact with us in our daily and weekly lives so often go unnoticed or unappreciated. The power of recognition cannot be understated today.

Are we recognizing and showing appreciation to our team members, our family members, our friends and especially the people who serve us in so many ways every week? High-performing teams and organizations build trust and performance by recognizing and showing appreciation for each other.

Who needs a dose of recognition and appreciation on your team or in your day?  I noticed a similar card attached to the laundry bag for our weekly pick-up from the cleaners. CeCe at it again.

Sitting back at my home office desk with Oliver, I hear CeCe getting up and coming into the den. Oliver always jumps down from my desk and heads in to greet CeCe when she joins us. I know I will hear my good morning in just a second.

“Hey, did you remember my thank you cards for the men?”

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