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Client Referrals Are Golden

By Joey Havens

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Picture this:  Sitting on the sidewalk curb on a sunny Saturday morning at the bustling Double Decker Arts Festival as Oliver and I find some shade and wait on CeCe, who has found a booth she wants to explore. 

Three young ladies sit down beside us, and each one has a bowl of pasta with barbecue. Now, I admit it looked delicious, but it was also a little heavy for me at lunchtime, and honestly, I have never tried barbecue on pasta. 

Before they could take their second bite, someone asked them where they got the pasta. Then, a second person and a third. Before they finished the bowl, I kid you not, at least ten people had asked them where they got it.

As I watched this, it struck me how these spontaneous, genuine recommendations were a lot like the business referrals I’ve been chatting about with my clients lately.  I recently spoke with a regional CPA firm that boasted enviable net promoter scores from client surveys. Yet, their organic growth rate was barely inching forward. This gap between client satisfaction and actual growth is a puzzle many businesses struggle to solve.

Client and customer referrals are GOLDEN —  better than any marketing or business development efforts. Personal referrals are like raving cheerleaders.  If even half your business customers and clients are raving cheerleaders, you will be swimming in business faster than CeCe can find her next festival booth.    

Raving cheerleaders are a direct result of workplace cultures that are magnetic, where team members have a strong sense of belonging and purpose.  It always starts with your team.  Once they know you care, they will care about the client experience.  Turn promoters into referrals by focusing on a people-first magnetic workplace culture. 

Hey CeCe, let’s walk over to the barbeque booth.

You go ahead, I want to look in a few more booths first.  

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