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Curiosity Matters

By Joey Havens

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We are coming to the end of one of my favorite weekends at our hunting camp north of Vicksburg on the Mississippi River.  I always love spending time here, but it’s so much more fun when I am spending that time with my son Brandon and his two sons Davis and Sully.  Plus, we had an Ole Miss football game to entertain us on a hot Saturday afternoon. 

Having finished a big pot of chicken and dumplings, Brandon and I are laughing at Sully as he is asking his 1000th question of the weekend.  That last question will be in next week’s blog. 

From Friday to Saturday night, it has been a constant barrage of questions which is one of the wonders of watching kids grow up.  They are not afraid to ask questions. 

What type of butterfly is that?

Why are all the deer laying down?

What was that sound? 

What bird sounds like that?

Where is the moon tonight?

What made that big splash in the water?

How big do alligators get?

It’s how they learn. And their passion to learn is unbounded.  They see the world as this fascinating place where they want to learn as much as possible.

It’s this curiosity, this passion to learn, that we need to retain as adults.  How often do we have a question but we hold it back because we don’t want to appear “dumb” or ask about something we should know about?  How often does our pride keep us from learning?  How often do we miss growing faster because we held our question back? 

Let’s follow Sully’s lead and view our workplace as a learning center.  Asking questions, reading and pursuing knowledge like we were five years old again.  Indulge your sense of wonder. Curiosity and questions are our friends.