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Do I Have Something That I Should Be Doing Right Now?

By Joey Havens

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Enjoy life and be intentional to spend special fun time with family and friends. I had the pleasure of doing just that with a good friend this past week. Simply visiting on football, the weather and family as our conversation turned to stories about his teenage son and my teenage grandson Davis.

We were sharing the trouble they get into at times with grades by simply getting behind. CeCe always warns me, don’t believe Davis on those grades until we see the report card. I have to agree, he has been known to embellish his results a little to Pops anytime we are negotiating time away from school so we can get to camp or Ole Miss early. My recollection of a recent conversation on grades with Davis triggered my friend to share this story.

“After dinner, my wife and I were discussing our week and sitting right in the middle of the den with us was our teenage son. So we have been chatting for about 20 minutes and he is so engaged and sharing what he has going on. My internal flag went up as this chatty talk went on for what would be a very unusual amount of hanging out time with us. That’s when I asked one question. Son, we love catching up with you and visiting but I do want to ask you a question. Do you have something that you should be doing right now?”

He went on to share that this question ended the visit because his son had a really big exam the next morning. I was so convicted by the story because so many times, I will look up and it is obvious that I am working or visiting on something I want to do versus what I need to do. I learned the hard way that when I prioritize and focus, I have more freedom to do the fun things with family and friends without being stressed. This one question can help all of us manage the hardest person in the world — ourselves.

Do I have something that I should be doing right now?