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Do We Need Some Fine-Tuning?

By Joey Havens

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Well, I’m back on the ladder today working on the chimes that I hung a few weeks ago. 

It seems that I installed them with one strand slightly too far away from the other two, which resulted in chimes only during the biggest gusts of wind. CeCe says it takes a thunderstorm to ring our chimes. As you know, I was very proud of my original installation of these chimes. People have commented on them numerous times, although I don’t think they got to hear their sweet sound. 

CeCe has been asking me for several weeks to tweak these so we could enjoy them more. So why have I resisted to just get it done? Lots of excuses, including too busy, hate repair work and sheer procrastination. The one excuse that really got me thinking was when I started justifying the original install. “Hey, I hear the chimes, CeCe.” There was a 25 mph wind at the time but they were working! I think they are fine just like they are.  

Isn’t it amazing how well we can justify something to fit our personal preferences and desires? Today in business, as we put so many new things in place, it’s easy to assume it is working as we designed. So we justify leaving it as it is or not even checking on our results because we need to move on to bigger things. The truth is that most of what we put in place needs follow-up and some fine-tuning.  

What new technology, policy or initiative have we put in place in the last six months? How much do we know about its effectiveness? How do team members feel it is working? What feedback do we have to make it #beEevenBetter? This is an intentional #beBetter mindset that will produce and improve our results.  

Yes, CeCe, I’m moving them now! I have a lot of help with intention at my house, how about yours?