Do You Hear What I Hear?

by | May 19, 2021 | Relationships, Servant Leadership

Joey Havens

CeCe is out for a few hours running errands (shopping, I suspect) and I am staring at three strands of chimes that I promised to hang under our porte-cochère. I can see they are very breakable, long and must be positioned where they don’t ring constantly but do ring. I promised to get this done but I admit, I hate these home projects and occasionally tear up more than I fix.  

Three screw hooks, a hammer and a little luck, I should be able to master this act of service before she returns. Here we go on strand one and the screw hook is not wanting to start, so a little hammer always helps. Two minutes into the project and BAM! Ouch, first finger bruised. Frustration at tilt level.  

Okay, Joey, Let’s try a tap. Tap, tap, tap and a few twists later, our screw hook is secured. Lifting the first strand of chimes, secure to hook, bingo, we are one-third of the way home. 

Incredibly, they were hanging, playing beautiful music as CeCe drove back in from “running errands.” This short story is full of life lessons for us. First, CeCe has — as one of her two dominant love languages — acts of service, so I knew if I completed this, in her eyes it was an act of love. Maybe it goes even deeper for each of us when we have the opportunity to lead.  

CeCe had faith in me to fulfill her wish. Had she nagged or forced me to comply, it might not be done or best case, we would not be speaking. Leadership is more about faith, trust and encouragement than force. 

When we force things, we destroy them. 

After seeing the chimes hanging, did CeCe have more faith in me or less? Seeing is believing and when we lead, our actions speak much louder than our words.  

Lastly, for leaders, remember regardless of your position, everyone leads at times and acts of service are the building blocks that help build strong teams. 

We should never be too good to make the next pot of coffee or help set up computers for the new employees. Listen! Do you hear those chimes outside of your office?

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