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Driving Towards the Storm

By Joey Havens

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I literally can only see a few feet in front of us as CeCe and I are driving down to Point Clear, Alabama. We are on the way to The Grand to help host HORNE’s L.E.A.D. leadership training program for 43 of our new managers and supervisors. But the rain is coming down so hard it’s like someone is pouring buckets on the windshield. 

I cut the flashers on since I am slowing to about 30 MPH. Several cars are pulling over to the side and they almost cause a pile-up as cars behind them are not seeing them fast enough. These sudden storms are nerve-racking, not unlike some of the disruption and change we are seeing in our profession.

It’s always a hard decision when you are faced with this situation in a thunderstorm — do you pull over or drive on through the storm? Stopping on the side of the road is pretty risky as it is so easy for the car behind you to follow you thinking you are still on the road and/or not see you in time to stop.  If you keep up normal speed, you run the risk of hitting someone as you simply can’t react quick enough. Growing up in Mississippi, you gain some experience driving with summer thunderstorms. This experience has led me to always continue forward with flashers on at a moderate rate to lower the risk of getting hit from behind while also reducing the risk of running into the back of someone else. 

We are using the same strategy in our firm today to deal with the storms of disruption and constant change we are seeing in our profession. We are not waiting on the storm to pass as we know that will lead to more disruption. We are driving towards the storm at a speed that reduces the effects of the storm but also gives us time to anticipate new opportunities and challenges. 

Whew, now the rain is stopping and we are picking our speed back up.  CeCe’s white knuckles are getting their color back. So excited to get to The Grand so we can talk about driving towards the storm with our future leaders.  New opportunities will be abundant for those who drive through the storm.  Don’t forget the flashers! Safe travels!