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Facing the Storm Is the Hardest Part

By Joey Havens

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Capturing the beauty and power of this storm so closely is a bucket list experience. Now, it’s certainly not something I have listed on my bucket list, yet as I experience this with CeCe with the wind rushing all around us, lightening beginning to pop in the near distance, it is an experience of awe and beauty. Scary, but beautiful, is the best way I can describe it. 

I can certainly feel the presence and power of God and I know that He uses storms in my life to make me stronger while also drawing me closer to Him. In an odd way, you get stronger by leaning on Him more. It’s certainly been one of the hardest things for me to learn about storms. 

Just as this literal storm quickly emerged on our horizon, we all have unexpected storms arise in our lives and careers. 

COVID-19 is a big storm that I never anticipated. As scary and devastating (especially for those who have lost loved ones) as COVID-19 has been for everyone and our economy, it has also brought some beauty and growth along with it. We have accelerated our digital capabilities and developed new skills.

Families and friends have reconnected on many fronts. New networks of friends and business associates have developed. Our pace has slowed for us to reflect on how we might want to run the race differently. A lightning strike has put our core values into the spotlight. Many friends, family, and business associates have shared how this storm has changed their outlook on life for the better.  

Even life’s small storms and unexpected challenges can bring us growth and make us stronger. The hardest part is to face the storm and look for opportunities to grow and be stronger. Storms are scary, but they always have some sunshine behind them. How quickly can we find the sunshine? Stay safe.

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