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Hold On!

By Joey Havens

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My grandson, Davis, and I were playing in the pool recently when we started a game that involved standing up on a float. My job was to hold on to the float while he tried to stand up. At first he would lose his balance immediately, because he was worried I was going to let go of my hold on the float. “Pops, I can’t do it,” Davis proclaimed. I assured him I would not let go and once I proved it to him through my consistent actions, his confidence went up and he began to master his balance. His worry subsided. 

It reminded me of how important it is for each of us to align with and hold on to our vision, to know our role and to trust each other to give it our best. To accomplish great things, we must take personal risks and rely on others to hold on. High trust creates a low risk environment that allows us to achieve things together that would not otherwise be possible. It provides the foundation for being responsive to the market, the speed to adapt, a sense of belonging, and the desire to do our best. 

As we set our course for a bright future of sustainable and profitable growth, smart growth, each of us will need to hold on at some point to allow another team member to excel. Trust is something that each of us earns in relationships with one another through consistency in word and deed, openness, and respect for the talents, hopes and dreams of our fellow team members.

My intention is to model the way to high trust. I’m committed. Are you?