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How Did You Spend Your Time?

By Joey Havens

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As most of us have come out of the stringent COVID-19 lockdowns, now is a great time to reflect. We have learned so many valuable life lessons. And the importance of connections with family and friends and making them priorities have been highlighted in many ways. 

One of the unexpected gifts I received from COVID-19 was a bunch of unscheduled time

With our work hours shifting, commutes negated, children’s activities postponed, school and church moved to virtual, events, trips and sports canceled, we all received some unscheduled time.  

I’m afraid as we reflect on this time, we may see that it was this unscheduled (free) time where we may have been most wasteful. How much more time did we spend on our smartphones? Shopping, reading and browsing social media constantly? How many more hours have we spent watching TV? I know CeCe and I finished two different series. 

It’s so easy to begin binging on these things. How many hours did we sit in front of the computer unfocused? How many hours did we find ourselves waiting for help or information rather than being proactive with what we needed? I know we did some great things with some of our time, too, but if time had been toilet paper, we would have been in a mess. My hope is that, together, we can learn how to prioritize our time for a higher calling. #beEvenBetter