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I Knew You Could Do It!

By Joey Havens

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I can hear CeCe in the gym upstairs as she’s obviously in the middle of her daily iPad workout. Since the shelter in place orders took effect, CeCe has religiously worked out with these online routines. Today, I heard something that stopped me in my tracks.

“Cathy, you can go a little lower than that. Give it a try. That’s great, I knew you could do it!” Does CeCe have a friend over here working out with her? A little later, as I work in my office at home, I hear her come down the stairs and ask who she was talking to upstairs. “The instructor of my class,” she replied. “The instructor?” “Yes, I am now enrolled in live online classes and the instructors can watch your routines to help coach and encourage you. I love it!” WOW! We really have gone digital overnight.

One of the benefits of the pandemic has been the acceleration of our digital transformation. Every day, I am in awe of how sweeping this transformation is. You can begin to see it affect how we work and live. The hard trend is that we are not going back. We are digital now, and it will only continue to accelerate how it affects our lives.

Live online fitness classes, digital ticketing for sports & travel, telemedicine is on hyper-growth after years of frustrating incremental adoption, blockchain is being deployed in new systems, virtual meetings, digital signatures rapidly embraced, remote learning will be a big factor in education going forward and our workforce will be more remote than we imagined even 90 days ago.

How do we take these hard trends and advancements to push a little further in our strategic planning to make a real impact on our business model and services? Let’s push ourselves until we hear, “That’s great, I knew you could do it!”