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Let’s Listen

By Joey Havens

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Okay, I admit it. I need to be a better listener. The truth is, I learn so much more when I’m not trying to do all the talking. How about you?

I find that when we are too busy trying to get the next word in or are multi-tasking on the computer or checking our phones, we are not being present in the conversation. Essentially, we are sending a message to that person that they are not important.

Let’s take it even a step further. The next time you’re in a conversation at work, try to engage more by asking thoughtful questions, taking time to expand on an idea they have, or helping troubleshoot a problem. Think about it like this: when you are talking to someone, you expect that person’s full attention, right? Well, that’s what they expect too. Respect goes both ways! 

Whatever the topic, let’s be present in our conversations. Let’s listen.