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Let’s Make Positivity Viral

By Joey Havens

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“I thought I was cool and knew my abbreviations but you’re proving me wrong!”  “#IDKWTHTI” “What does #YSL mean?” “Man, the millennial here is trying to figure out #WTH #YSL means? Ha!” “What is #YSL?” “I’m GenX so I’m googling your #… ha”; “Don’t know what #YSL is, but keep rollin!” “I am way not cool, what does #YSL mean???”

Just a few of the fun texts from my friends coming in after my Fourth of July text message to them. My original text was, “Happy 4th! #YSL.”  This hashtag originated from a blog I wrote four years ago, You So Lucky, which you can click for a quick read on the origin of #YSL.

I have been sharing “You So Lucky” or “#YSL” with one of my best friends for years. As much fun as #YSL is, it has lots of meaning, too. For me, it always reminds me of how blessed and lucky I am. Gratitude. I love it when my friend sends it to me because it reminds us to be present in the moment and make some real memories in life. It says, hey, I wish I was there with you and maybe a hint to invite me next time.

Best of all, it’s a way to share some love and fun. I’m happy for you and you deserve it. I enjoy seeing you living life to the fullest and celebrating life together. I just sent a #YSL to our friends who are vacationing in Greece in response to some awesome pictures they just shared with us celebrating memories together! 

Here’s the challenge — message #YSL to your friends, family or team after they post fun or exciting pictures and wait for the response. I guarantee you will have a blast and we can start a great tradition of celebrating life together in a new and fun way. #YSL