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Living with Gratitude, Celebrating Life and Freedom

By Joey Havens

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Mom turned 86 on July 1st, and she’s still going strong! Happy Birthday, Mom! Picture this football analogy — she’s in overtime, and I barely keep up in the fourth quarter. Yep, she’s that awesome. While researching life expectancy at age 65 (yes, I actually did that), I found some pretty startling stats: men can expect around 17 more years while women about 20. Now, researching this when you’re 66 isn’t exactly what I’d call a barrel of laughs, but it’s an eye-opener for sure. No one has a ticket that guarantees we will see the next decade, whether it’s 30’s,40’s,50’s,60’s,70’s,80’s, or more. It makes you appreciate every single day.

So here I am, incredibly grateful to even be writing about a possible longer lifespan. And besides, who wouldn’t want to celebrate a life as precious as Mom’s? She is healthy and openly shares her loving heart with everyone around her.  She may give me a hard time for revealing her age, but I know a hug will fix that! Mom is so thankful for her overtime opportunities and expresses that gratitude daily. Sometimes, I wonder if I’ll ever be as graceful and grateful as she is. She’s a tough act to follow!   

Gratitude For Blessings

Mom always makes me smile. Each day is a blessing from God, and no one knows what tomorrow brings.  I hope Mom inspires us to express that gratitude daily as we care for and love those around us.  Let’s be thankful for those family members who love us and show us the joy in living each day to its fullest.  What family member comes to mind when you think of someone who expresses gratitude freely? Who puts a smile on your face every time? 

Grateful For Our Freedoms

One of Mom’s favorite holidays is Independence Day. She always expresses her gratitude for our freedoms and all those who sacrificed so much that we live in a free country like America. I pray our gratitude will flow freely for the many freedoms we enjoy and that it will open our eyes to how precious America is — one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  As we celebrate the Fourth of July tomorrow, please pray for unity and love in our nation. What freedoms are you most thankful for? 

Happy July 4th, CeCe!

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