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One Team One Direction – 4 Powerful Words that Define Our Journey

By Joey Havens

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I frequently close internal communications to my team with “One Team One Direction.” Recently, one of our new team members asked, “What does ‘One Team One Direction’ mean to our leadership?” What a fantastic question, and I want to share exactly what those four powerful words mean to me.  This is a fun exercise, because “One Team One Direction” means so many things to me, and I am thankful that this team member pressed me to define it. First and foremost, it represents the journey of going from good to great, to becoming the Wise Firm. It is the direction our team has agreed to pursue. It is not a destination, it is a journey guided by our core values, our true north!

One team is so important because we can only become a great firm, we can only progress, if we do it TOGETHER. It takes the entire team, locked in arms, moving in the same direction.

We all do different things, demonstrate flexibility differently, bring different skills, share different knowledge, generate different ideas–and yet these differences are what a team so strong. As leaders, let’s celebrate these differences and work to create a true sense of belonging that makes a team great.

To be a great team, there will be times when each of us have to compromise or sacrifice personal preferences along the journey for the greater good. No person or role is too important to do whatever needs to be done to make a difference. It will be hard at times, but together you can do it.

Lastly, when I am feeling alone, down or just stressed, “One Team One Direction” reminds me that I am not alone, I have a great team taking this journey with me.

As I write this blog, I am energized again just thinking of what these four words mean to me.

Are you energized about your direction? Are you expressing it to your team? Let’s be diligent in sharing our positive energy as we move from good to great.