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Our Actions Make All The Difference

By Joey Havens

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Honey Hush Pie

I’m driving home from visiting Mom and Pop Joe where we enjoyed an early dinner and short visit. We are so blessed as they are both 84, healthy, active and enjoying church as well as Ole Miss sports. Reflecting on how grateful I am for them and their health, I find myself thinking about the sweetest part of the visit. I’m not sure I can even do it justice as I share it with you today.

We have been visiting in the den for a few minutes, catching up, talking about family and trying to decide where we want to eat. Finally, mom says, “Let’s just go somewhere close, I know you have to drive home tonight and I have baked you a pie.”

Now, I love Mom’s pies and I quickly ask what kind it is. “Honey Hush Pie. It’s warm and in the oven. I thought we could come back after dinner and have it for dessert.” I jump out of my chair and head out for dinner. (CeCe has me on a portion control diet and I really hope she skips the blog this week because you are not going to find Honey Hush Pie on the list.)

After dinner, my mouth is already watering as I think about this warm pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (another treat not on my approved list). I cut myself a tiny sliver of pie as you can see in the picture.

Honey Hush Pie

Topping it off with just a little ice cream, we sit down and oh my, is it good — warm chocolate, coconut, nuts all drowning in vanilla ice cream. I literally scraped my plate to get every drop. It was the perfect ending to our visit together!

Mom is demonstrating one of the most important actions for leaders and team members today as we strive to connect and build a magnetic culture. She has cooked for our family for over 60 years. It’s not just another pie. It’s how she shares her love and care through cooking and serving others.

People are searching for cultures where they are respected and appreciated. They are looking for cultures where they can connect to others. As individual team members, as leaders, we can connect, influence and grow together by demonstrating we care with actions. Words are good and welcomed but it’s our actions that people watch and connect to. Actions truly make a difference.

What is our Honey Hush Pie and how are we sharing it?

Don’t forget the ice cream! Be Kind!