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Packing a Punch

By Joey Havens

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Why do some of the funniest things happen in church? When Brandon (our oldest child) was four–years-old he was banging a hymnal against the pew in front of us. I had threatened him several times, and after a really loud bang, I reached out, trying not to draw attention, and popped him quietly on the back of his hand. He turned around and smiled at me, and said in a too-loud-voice, “Daddy, you hit like a sissy!”

I wonder if our teams ever look at us leaders and say something similar? Or do they see us boldly leading our teams? Do they see us boldly engaging in the marketplace, face to face with our clients? Do they feel the powerful impact of a collaborative team that is unafraid to define who we are and why we do what we do?

I hope that I make that kind of powerful impact. I hope my team sees our firm as bold when they see us building relationships with clients in our defined focus areas–see us with bench strength and collaborative knowledge–see us with laser focus on delivering results that exceed expectations–see us creating value–see us making a difference.

Leaders who lead with boldness and collaboration, focused on results, will pack a real punch. Don’t be accused of anything less. Lead with a punch.