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Practice Makes a Star

By Joey Havens

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I often hear team members refer to a star performer as having the “IT” factor or expressing the desire to be personally known for excellence. What stands between us and excellence or being one of the star players is DELIBERATE PRACTICE.

I see this as the most common gap today as we need new skills to succeed, yet rarely do we find ourselves prioritizing our calendars and time to allow for deliberate practice of these skills. Pursuing our full potential and being a star requires that we are intentional in pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones. We must make mistakes and push forward without having all of the answers so we can learn at a faster rate. 

Will the way I am spending my time help me reach my full potential? Am I focused on mastering new skills? 

Stars are focused and dedicate the practice time to be great. Practice makes permanent. And permanence forms the habits that lead to excellence. We know in our heart of hearts that if we pursue our full potential, it will pay off in the long run. The biggest barrier we have is our ability to push ourselves through the hard times, discomfort and practice time to be our best. We have all heard the old saying “No Pain, No Gain.” How many coaches have I heard repeat this to me? It’s not fun to limit our intake of sweets or rise early for the daily workout, but it is that type of commitment that gets us the long-term results we want. 

Are we practicing enough to be a star?