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Shortcuts Often End in Disaster

By Joey Havens

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We recently moved to a new home and Jazzy, our slightly spoiled 14-year-old Yorkie, has been adjusting to his new surroundings. Like what pillow will I sleep on today? Tough decisions no small dog should have to make.

My wife, Cece, had instructed me several times to watch Jazzy when I let him outside to do his business. “He is not familiar with his new home.” Now how dumb can a dog be—why would you stray from this set up?

Well about eight weeks in, we were up early to take a flight for a short vacation. Jazzy was mad that we would be rousing him before 8 a.m. and yes, he sleeps with us. So I let him out to do his business but it was cold and I had a lot to do. Jazzy was taking his sweet time wandering around and sniffing everything so I stepped back in the house. Big mistake!

When I came back—no Jazzy! I called his name and looked all around the yard and next door. I ran back inside and grabbed a flashlight. This time, I frantically made several blocks calling and looking for Jazzy. 25 minutes later I knew I had to tell Cece who was getting ready and we were already close to missing our flight. No dog—no trip.

So she came and helped me look. She went to the front and I took the back alley. Finally, I saw a little tail wagging, investigating in new-found freedom way down at the end of the street. After the joy of having Jazzy back, Cece very harshly reminded me of her advice. And I knew she was right. 

All of the stress and anxious moments, as well as her disappointment in me, was the result of me not listening to good advice and wanting to take the shortcut. My shortcuts never seem to workout as planned (remember the fishing trip).

I find we sometimes ignore great advice in our careers, too. Especially when it comes from someone close to us. What sage advice have you been ignoring to take a shortcut? This incident with Jazzy sure helped my hearing.