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The Behavior of Love

By Joey Havens

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I know I have spun a head or two as I shared with friends and business associates that I love them. Several years ago, when I first heard John O’Leary close his keynote speech at the World Leaders Conference, I realized that I did not say “I love you” enough. John has closed every keynote I’ve heard with “I love you and there’s not really anything you can do about it.” John has an inspirational story. His book On Fire is incredible (I gave it to all of our kids and my parents) and his commitment to love — to truly love others — has inspired me to share my love more openly.

I do believe that we are called as part of our purpose to love each other. Agape love is a choice and frankly, a habit. It might be emotional, but it always includes action. 

Everyone has different beliefs and assumptions when it comes to love. It’s complex, sensitive, and I am certainly no authority, yet I think we must begin to talk about it more. Our behaviors demonstrate love. Let’s think about some behaviors that would demonstrate our love towards others. 

  • Being patient
  • Genuine appreciation
  • Positive energy
  • Curious 
  • Slow to anger
  • Seeking to understand
  • Benefit of good intentions
  • Listening 
  • Being present in the moment
  • Communicating openly
  • Being kind
  • Focus on them versus me
  • Humble
  • Selfless 
  • Vulnerable
  • Encouraging
  • Advocate

Love is a daily choice. Love is not emotion — it’s action. Let’s choose it more!