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Think Ahead and Anticipate What the Future Holds

By Joey Havens

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Thinking Ahead

CeCe is the primary caregiver for Aunt Kate (her father’s sister who is 84). Aunt Kate taught and served as a principal in various school systems for over 40 years! It’s Sunday morning and we are getting dressed for church early as Aunt Kate is going to attend with us. As we are getting dressed, I ask CeCe if we are going in her car or mine. “Let’s go in mine, it is so much easier for her to get in and out of the car.” I begin to put my shoes on and ask, “Hey, do I need to go out and get all the stuff out of your car so we can get in the back seat?” It is full of Aunt Kate’s stuff as we have just moved her from independent living facility to an assisted living facility. That is another story all together. Let’s just say elder care can be very stressful and CeCe is amazing taking care of Aunt Kate and her mother, Happy. Finally, I hear CeCe, “No, I did all of that last night.”

Wow, I’m thinking, that’s wonderful news! I can go check out some sports headlines while she finishes getting ready. But this is a little bit unusual, so I can’t help myself. I have to ask, “What made you do that?” CeCe turns toward me from her make-up mirror and my ears are not believing what I am hearing. “Thinking Ahead.”

What a beautiful message for us. Thinking ahead! So simple and yet this has never been more important than today as things are moving and changing at such a fast pace. For our full potential, we must think ahead and anticipate what the future holds. By anticipating future opportunities and challenges, we can be ahead of the pack rather than trying to adapt and always being behind the curve. Being anticipatory is one of the critical skills we need to succeed today. If you want to be distinctive, help your clients think ahead. By being anticipatory and helping clients see future opportunities and challenges, we are distinctive and more valuable. Everyone is trying to understand the change around them. Let’s follow CeCe’s lead and think ahead.

CeCe, do you have any gas in your car? NO…..

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