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Watch Your Speed

By Joey Havens

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Jumping into the car with CeCe, we are running a quick errand to pick up some plants for her gardening. Like her late father Poppy, CeCe is a master gardener and we have the yard to prove it. Beautiful!

As we pull up to the red light, I look over and see a big yellow Post-it Note stuck right in the middle of the dashboard where you read your speed. It says “Watch Your Speed.” Laughing, I ask, “What is that for CeCe?”

“Well, that’s my reminder to slow down. You know the cops are bad about setting up radar right outside of the neighborhood,” she replies. 

CeCe has had a couple of encounters with her speeding on what our neighbor fondly refers to as the CeCe Express.

“How long have you had that post-it there?”

CeCe responds, “I’ve had it up for about three months and I plan on taking it down next week.”

“Why then?”

“I think I have it ingrained now. You know it takes a while to break an old habit or learn a new one,” she shares. 

“Haha, maybe you should leave that one up!”

CeCe is so right when it comes to our ability to learn a new habit or break an old one. We must really practice and work on being consistent to change our ways. Some research says it takes at least 21 days of repetitive behavior before we can hope that a new habit is sticking.

What habit(s) do we need to change or adopt? What accountability tool (i.e., CeCe’s Post-It Note) can we use to help us #beEvenBetter? Let’s take the CeCe Express to better habits.