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What Are We Really Growing?

By Joey Havens

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Recently, a partner sent me an email noting that I often write about busyness and how important it is that we focus on our highest priorities. He went on to say, “have you thought about how close busyness is to business—one letter!” I had not and as I have thought about this, I can’t get it off my mind. 

So thanks to his insights, I have created a new personal self-check to help me stay focused on what is most important at the moment. When I feel my focus drifting or the latest interruption hits, I ask this question: 

Is this activity growing my busyness or our business? When I focus my attention to this task, opportunity or challenge, is it growing my busyness and taking me away from my highest priorities?

It works for me and I hope that it helps you as we face the daunting task every day of being pulled into a sea of irrelevant choppy waves of busyness versus the calm blue waters of focus on being relevant and impactful. Hope you grow your business today!