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Without Leadership There Is No Culture of Innovation

By Joey Havens

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“Tone at the Top” can be cliché, but not when we’re talking about innovation. In fact, without leadership leading the way, it is impossible to have a culture that fosters innovation.

In CPA firms, we are in desperate need of bold leaders to step forward and decide they’ll no longer live in the Historical CPA category, the traditional role of the profession. I am eager for us to transform our profession into the Future Ready Firm. 

My challenge to leaders in our profession is this: We have a tremendous opportunity for growth and increased relevance. Let’s commit today to set the “Tone at the Top” to do what it takes as leaders to be future ready firms. 

I believe in you and know you have what it takes to inspire our firms to shake off our comfortable pajamas of legacy beliefs and put on the armor of future facts that will propel our profession to more victories. Innovation starts today with your leadership.  Lets do this together.