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5 Tips to Relax

By Joey Havens

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How important is it for us to relax? How often do we really prioritize time that allows us to fully relax? I know that being able to relax is key to our health, happiness and prosperity because it provides a level of contentment and peace that we do not find in our busy schedules. 

Here are my five tips on how to RELAX:

R stands for our ability to Release ourselves from the grind and the worry that can consume us. Sometimes, we must simply realize that we do not control our surroundings and the relaxation comes when we release our hold on what we do not control. Keyword for us is to release.

E stands for Energize. Whatever we do during our relax time should be an activity that energizes us. For me it’s fishing, and when I fish, I’m reenergized.  What reenergizes you?

L stands for Live in the moment. Don’t waste your moments trying to capture and share all of them. Sometimes we are so concerned with telling our story or sharing our experience with our network that we do not totally live in the moment. Be all there and live in the moment and you will notice that relaxation comes faster and stronger than when we only pay part of our attention to the moment.

A stands for Attitude adjustment. Relaxation should help us shed negative energy and corresponding negative attitudes. When I spend time relaxing, I notice my attitude is much more positive and I find myself being more grateful.  It’s hard to be negative and grateful at the same time. Try it, and determine if you need an attitude adjustment.

X stands for eXtra fun memories. Relaxation should generate some of our fondest memories. Whether we are fishing, reading a book, playing tennis, meditating, sewing, whatever the activity, it should be fun and hopefully we are making some fun memories. 

I hope this acronym helps you to prioritize relaxation and improve the quality of your time because you deserve to relax.