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What others are saying

“During a season when every organization struggles with recruiting and retaining great talent while building a remarkable culture, Joey Havens has written the blueprint on doing all three well. This journey in Leading with Significance to build a magnetic workplace reveals not only where God, faith, and belonging intersect to create a magnetic culture but practical ideas and poignant stories to ensure you create it within your organization. Read it now. Thank me later.”

John O’Leary, #1 national best-selling author of On Fire and In Awe

“Joey does a great job sharing entertaining stories and real-life experiences to help you build a great culture that aligns with your mission and values. I’ve witnessed the culture Joey has built at his company, and now you too can benefit from his wisdom and experience. If you want to be part of building something bigger than yourself, this book is a great place to start!”

Jon Gordon, 13-time best-selling author of The Power of Positive Leadership and The Carpenter

“If you were to anticipate how strong a company’s culture needs to be to transform and thrive in the future, Joey Havens paints a beautiful horizon in his book Leading with Significance. He not only takes us on a journey to see and feel the power of magnetic energy in the workplace; you will also find anticipatory nuggets to navigate our own unique journey. Learn how a people-first mindset creates a strong sense of belonging where team members connect their purpose, values, and dreams and give discretionary efforts for innovation and high performance. Being anticipatory is threaded throughout this journey to build a powerful magnetic culture. Read this book today!”

Daniel Burrus, author of seven best-selling books, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best sellers Flash Foresight and The Anticipatory Organization

“Joey Havens has written one of, if not the, most compelling and in-depth books on culture and its power on organizational success today. The power of this book is not only the message, but that it is written from personal experience and showcases the long journey Joey took with his team to transform who they are as leaders and how they used their commitment and dedication to culture to transform their organization and their industry. Chock-full of stories, strategies, and ideas, this innovative read will not only keep you engaged; it will give you the motivation and ideas you need to implement this same type of transformation in your own business. Get this book. I promise you it will be one of the best investments you have made in a long time.”

Meridith Elliott Powell, top 15 business growth strategist, top 50 business speaker, and author of best-selling Thrive: Strategies to Turn Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage

“This book is needed more than ever as employers and employees search for meaning and purpose at work. Joey Havens challenges us to all beBetter by showing us the playbook to create winning cultures that people want to work for, in a world where engaged employers are at all-time lows. Through his journey as managing partner in one of the top CPA firms, he shows the way to build a magnetic firm that attracts, retains, and develops people in a never-ending cause to constantly beBetter. We need this book and message more than ever.”

Tom Hood, CPA, CGMA, executive vice president of business growth and engagement at AICPA-CIMA

“As I’ve traveled the world with John Maxwell over the past two decades, I’ve noticed a common trend: many people struggle with finding purpose and meaning in the workplace. That’s why I’m so thankful for this book, Leading with Significance! Finding purpose begins with finding significance, and finding significance begins with valuing people. The culture of your organization will become magnetic and powerful as people become committed to serve each other and pursue a common purpose together. In this book, Joey has laid out a flexible road map that will help you chart your own journey of creating a culture that truly values people. I am better because of this book, and I’m confident you will be too!”

Mark Cole, owner/CEO, Maxwell Leadership

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