by | Nov 19, 2014 | Compassion

Joey Havens

As a leader, I am always striving to be better and grow my skillset. My need to continue to develop is even striking me at home. Recently, my wife had a choking spell with a grape. I quickly learned that I did not show enough compassion for her situation when I did not immediately leap over the couch. She could not believe that I could be so unconcerned. 

I have been sharing with her my areas for development and some of the things I have been working on, and she is really into giving me constructive feedback. After the grape incident, when emotions had subsided, her exact words to me were, “You should be working on your compassion at home too.” On reflection, I failed to react with the compassion and concern I felt as urgently as I should have. How often do we see an opportunity to show compassion, but just fail to act upon it in that moment? 

I learned my lesson. In fact, this morning I practiced jumping over the couch just in case she coughs again.

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