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Feeling Stretched? Here’s How to Refocus and Regain Control of Your Day

By Joey Havens

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We are all seemingly perpetually busy. We feel stretched as our inbox at work and personal commitments challenge us daily. When we are stretched, we become overwhelmed, and even big projects slip through the cracks. I also know that when feeling stretched, I can let it affect my attitude and my demeanor. I start to hear questions like, “Are you tired?”
Certainly, as I have moved up in leadership, feeling stretched has been a constant companion of mine. I have a strong desire to spend time with everyone, and yet I know it’s impossible. Some days it seems that I am just running from one meeting to another without the ability to really stop and make a difference for someone on my team.With so much going on, how can you reduce the stretch and get back on track? For me, I know that I have to stop, take a deep breath and realize that whatever I am doing will have a better outcome if I do it with a positive attitude and smile. Taking time to prioritize and delegate tasks where needed will alleviate some stress, reduce the chances that something slips through the cracks, and allow you to focus on the things that are most important. Also, re-read your vision and mission statements. Having a clear statement of purpose reminds you of what are you doing, and why are you doing it.