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Finding Purpose When You Feel Like You Have No Clue

By Joey Havens

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Some days I wonder if I even have a clue to what is going on. Nothing like a confidence builder to start today’s blog with, huh? But seriously, do you ever feel that way? Even if we are engaged and focused, with a constantly changing business environment, it’s easy to feel like we have no clue. 

The words “no clue” still ring loudly in my ears and on my behind as I recall the hardest paddling I ever had in school.On this particular day, as I entered the classroom for my Future Farmers of America class, my teacher, Mr. Hartley, had Stacy, a good friend of mine, by the arm and Mr. Hartley had turned bright red in the face. There in front of them at my desk was one of my text books with a ten-penny nail (that is a very big nail) driven about half way through it. I knew instantly this was not going to be a good day.  

You see, Stacy and I loved to play jokes on each other. The previous week, I had glued his homework paper together and as payback, he thought it would be fun to drive that nail right into my text book.  It was funny until the moment Mr. Hartley walked into the room with him swinging the hammer.  

As I walked in, Mr. Hartley turned very quickly to me and said, “Havens, what is going on?” To which I quickly responded, “No clue.” Those were the last words I spoke before Mr. Hartley, provided me with the hardest paddling I had ever had, (Punishment at home has been excluded from this analysis). 

Those words have a lasting negative effect in my mind. And they should have one in yours. Having no clue will be detrimental to your life and your career. 

Are you wandering through life without a clue? Do you know what’s going on with your career? Your team? Your business? 

Make sure you have a clue about what will help you reach your full potential. Ask the hard questions to understand what it takes. Take ownership and stay away from my dreaded words, “no clue”!