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Gratitude Makes Us #beEvenBetter

By Joey Havens

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Our world is spinning faster than the teacup ride at the amusement park and most of us are feeling pretty dizzy. That was always the one ride that always made me woozy. And 2020 sure feels like the new teacup ride. COVID-19 continues to disrupt our lives and will certainly affect how some of us gather, or if we will gather at all, for Thanksgiving. Mix in some divisive politics, contested elections and social unrest, and we have a year that has been filled with disruption.

It’s times like these that gratitude, simply being thankful, can bring us back to solid footing. Gratitude can help that woozy feeling, and there’s always something to be thankful for. Gratitude grounds us from entitlement and envy while energizing us as we reflect on how many blessings we have.

Enjoy, Celebrate and be THANKFUL! I am so excited that our family has decided to continue our Thanksgiving tradition of a family dinner with a family prayer to God, thanking Him for His many blessings. I love to see those grandkids although I know two will be unable to attend due to COVID-19 quarantining. We will probably hug less and eat more this year! I’m not sure eating more is possible, but I’m developing a huge appetite just thinking about it.

As we give thanks this year, let’s remember to encourage others, love others and seek to disconnect from our everyday chaos. Let’s remember those who are less fortunate and share our abundance.

May God bless you and your family, and God bless our wonderful country. I pray that you and your family have a safe, fun, joyful, healthy and filling Thanksgiving week. I’m thankful to each of you.

Remember, gratitude makes us #beEvenBetter.