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How Can We Stay Positive?

By Joey Havens

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Recently several people have shared how they struggle to maintain a positive attitude consistently. As I reflected on this, I thought I would share my greatest insight into remaining positive. There’s a secret sauce that, when we apply it regularly, will leave us with lots of positive energy. 

We are born with tendencies to look at the world with optimism or maybe with a pessimistic slant. Thankfully, I am inherently optimistic. Yet, I too have found that I really struggle some days to have a positive attitude. It was through these struggles that I realized the key to maintaining a positive attitude is a mindset of gratitude. 

Early on, I always waited until I felt thankful before I really expressed my gratitude and adopted a mindset of gratitude. My gratitude revolved around my feelings which were not consistently positive. Hey, bad stuff happens in life. But it was through these struggles that I realized having a mindset of gratitude is a discipline, not a feeling. And making gratitude a daily habit is key to maintaining our positive outlook.

I’ve discovered there’s always something to be thankful for. A daily routine of writing or reflecting on three things we are thankful for will generate that positive energy that we all love. The secret sauce is to be grateful even when we don’t feel it. If we feel it, by all means be thankful, but the real game changer is when we make gratitude part of our daily walk. 

It’s a discipline that makes us #beEvenBetter. Staying positive starts and ends with gratitude. What are you thankful for?   

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