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How Did It Work?

By Joey Havens

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What a joy it is visiting with my Mom in celebration of Mother’s Day. We are trying to distance physically, but we are both huggers so after a thorough sanitizing, we are both smiling from our quick hug.

I have mentioned before that Pop Joe and Mom follow my blog and she’s quick to express an opinion or ask a question. So as we sit spaced around the kitchen table she asks, “How did your new toy work?“ What is she referring to? “What do you mean, Mom?” “Your new fish finder, you wrote about it in your blog a couple of weeks ago. How did your fish finder work?” “Oh, Haha, it works great.” 

“Did you catch any fish?” “Well no, I didn’t.” 

The technology is great, but I am still having to practice using it. I could see fish at times, but it was hard to know which way they were swimming. There are many settings that you have to learn to set it up for the type of fishing and water you are in. I have a lot to learn before I will get the full benefit. Seeing fish is not the same as catching fish.  

This short conversation with Mom reminded me of where we are right now with the digital transformation caused by COVID-19. 

Overnight, we were surrounded by new technology and new ways to work. Our challenge is to practice with the new technology until we understand the capabilities. Then we have the opportunity to use the technology in ways that enable us to effectively serve clients and our team members. Technology is an enabler and we are in the midst of a big learning curve so we can grow our services and our clients. Having the technology to serve our clients is not the same as providing effective services for their changing needs.