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Nature Contributes To a Grateful Attitude

By Joey Havens

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The 12 mph wind with a morning temperature of 34 degrees makes for a chilly deer stand. Nestling down in my big jacket, I pull up my face mask to help break some of the wind. The sun has just tipped over the trees and I’m consumed with how beautiful nature is.

As I look to my left, I hear rustling leaves as a feisty black squirrel makes his way across the forest floor. Directly above him, his cousin the red fox squirrel is loudly cracking open breakfast. A flock of Canadian geese has already honked their way by me and now two wood ducks rush past like kamikaze pilots as they splashed down behind me. The roar of their glide is startling and it’s only a moment later when momma raccoon comes by with her two young babies who are rattling every twig around as they scurry to keep up with momma. How many different songs are these birds going to sing today?

This morning is unique in two ways for me. One, I can HEAR all of this because of my new hearing aids. Why didn’t I fix this problem sooner? Well, that is not the point of this blog as CeCe certainly reminds me of my hardheadedness frequently. But beyond my hearing problems, I have always loved being in nature. Nature just expands our minds to how marvelous God’s creation is and when we are in nature, it’s hard not to be reminded of how generous God is. He gives us more than we deserve or need.

If I’m struggling, having a bad day, facing a big challenge, I seek nature. It might be a walk outside, a deer hunt, a fishing trip or a quick few minutes gazing out the window up into the clouds, but it always helps me to feel grateful.

I encourage you to try it, especially when you are down. Nature contributes to a grateful attitude, and a grateful attitude makes us #beEvenBetter.