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Oliver Stretches His Futureview, How About Us?

By Joey Havens

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After two years without a dog in our home, CeCe and I dove into the pandemic puppy trend and welcomed our new Yorkie, Oliver. Oliver is six months old and has been with us for three months now. Finally, we have a dog that is slightly more attached to me than CeCe. It’s one of the positives that COVID brought us as I have worked from home more.  

Oliver is really smart. You probably caught that when I mentioned who he had buddied up to the most. Ha! But seriously, he has amazed us with how quickly he has learned things. This is him after realizing he can see more of the neighborhood by standing on his tiptoes and looking out at what is going on. 

This picture is from my office study this morning as I worked on some strategic messaging for our team. When he came in and jumped up on his tiptoes, stretching as far as he can to peak out, it really resonated with me and our futureview for 2021.  

Are we really stretching in our futureview? Are we looking beyond our normal line of sight? How are we expanding our understanding of the opportunities and challenges? Are we anticipating big trends like Oliver is anticipating the neighbor walking their dog this morning?  

Sure enough, they did and Oliver greeted them with a very loud and sharp “Good Morning.” We have some big trends coming our way in 2021 and if we anticipate them, we can be the first to say, “Good Morning!”