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Our Next Great Day

By Joey Havens

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I am always amazed at what we can learn from kids. They are so much more open-minded and simply dripping with curiosity. So, as you might guess, I was blown away by my recent conversation with my granddaughter Kylie (7).

Good morning, Kylie. Come give Pops a hug. (You only get a lean-in hug from Kylie, no full hugs.) I’m heading back home today. I have enjoyed this weekend.

Me, too!

Have a great day today!

I will!

And she meant it.

Now, how many times do we start our day with that positive outlook? Hey, this is going to be a great day! Kids expect the best of the day, they hit the ground running with a positive learning attitude.

Like Kylie, let’s approach every day as our next great day. Positive attitudes have a big influence on how our day turns out. Next time someone wishes us a great day, let’s claim it, too.

I will, and thank you!

CeCe, have a great day!

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