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Passion Fuels Our Pace

By Joey Havens

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“Slow down, Joey! I have already asked you to slow down. Please slow down.” I am constantly hearing CeCe from behind me as we are walking to an Ole Miss football game or through the grove on a beautiful Saturday. Each time, I wait for her to catch up, adjust my pace and then walk off and leave her behind, again. I think she has to be doing this on purpose just to be mean. Why would I come to such a conclusion? Facts!

If we are shopping or taking an exercise walk together—I can’t keep up with her. “CeCe, slow down, I can’t walk that fast.” Literally, she speed walks and I can’t keep up. The fact is, CeCe really can walk faster than I can—when she wants to. And no, I did not win this argument either. Ha! But I do believe we can learn something useful from this frustrating walking situation.

Our ability to walk fast is totally connected to our mindset and passion for where we are walking. When it’s to see the Ole Miss Rebels play, I’m walking fast, and when it’s about exercise, CeCe is passionate. I believe it’s the same for us in our careers and personal lives. When we are passionate about something, we can deliver the urgency we need to be successful. It is a mindset that allows us to focus and reach our full potential. What have we found ourselves moving quickly towards? What are we dragging our feet on? These insights can help us be aware and adopt mindsets that help us reach our full potential. Where are you walking to next?

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