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What a Wonderful Year Full of Blessings

By Joey Havens

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Circle reflections in pool.

I continue to be amazed at God’s blessings year after year.  Yes, life is hard at times, and we all experience the grief of losing family and friends. That’s why treating each minute, each hour, each day, each week, each month and certainly each year with a heart of gratitude is so important as there is always something to be thankful for.

CeCe and I wrapped up the year with one of the greatest blessings of all with the birth of Porter James Cross, our eighth grandchild, on November 14. We were present in the birthing room as he took his first breath and the emotions of how precious life is flooded my soul. Haley and John are first-time parents and doing an amazing job, although CeCe says we need to travel down next week to check on “PJ.”

On the fun side, our Ole Miss Rebels won the NCAA Baseball College World Series and I was so blessed to experience that with my brother, son and grandson. It was an amazing time and most of all the bonding and connection we had with each other as we cheered for the Rebels together and they put the finishing touches on a national championship.  

We hosted our annual Havens Beach Retreat in Gulf Shores in early June and are so blessed that Mom (84) and Pop Joe (85) are both healthy enough and have enough courage to attend. With my brother Mike and sister Mitzi, our families had about 42 in attendance.  It’s just a fun time to see the family connect on so many levels including what are we going to feed them each night. 

Maybe it’s my season in life, but I have received some of the most heartwarming and kind notes, texts and letters from team members, partners, family and friends who took the time to express their gratitude and appreciation for our relationship and the positive impact on their lives in some way. This is the greatest treasure and honor of all — when we have significance in the lives of those around us. 

This is why I’m so excited to have completed my book Leading with Significance: How to Create a Magnetic People-First Culture. Two years of work with the purpose to help inspire leaders to trust, serve and care for people in an intentional way that leads to higher performance and full potential.

Amazon should have a pre-sale page open in January and the hardcover copy will be available retail on June 6, 2023. 

We moved my #beBetter blog to my new website You can also get updates on the book release there.  

HORNE also celebrated its 60th Anniversary as a firm and I have been blessed to be part of this journey for 38 years!!! Wow, how time flies. Our time clocks never stop ticking so let’s make our time count by living a life of significance, honoring God and being grateful.  

What are some of your blessings this past year?  It’s great to put them in writing as you will be amazed at how many you have and the energy you will generate for 2023. Wishing you a happy and blessed new year!

CeCe, where’s my Ole Miss national championship cap?  Did you go through my closet again for Goodwill?