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What is Missing?

By Joey Havens

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Oh, how I love my first cup of coffee early in the morning. Sometimes, I’ll grind my own beans and make a big pot, especially if we have overnight guests. But for workdays, it’s usually just a Keurig pod. This morning, I walk into the kitchen, let Oliver out the patio door, grab my coffee pod, pop it in the Keurig and we are moments away from starting another great day.

Glancing down at my phone, I see an email from a prospect that I have been waiting on. Good news for sure, as I look outside to see what Oliver is doing. Turning back to the wonderful aroma in the kitchen, I see this.

As I am looking at the mess, I’m thinking, what is wrong with this Keurig?! Now, look closely at the picture. What is missing?

MY CUP!!! I have completely forgotten my cup. It’s really hard to drink coffee off the counter. (No, I didn’t try that CeCe.)

The cup gives structure to our morning coffee which allows us to enjoy it a sip at a time. When we forget about our structure, our lives quickly look like my coffee — flowing in every direction, creating lots of stress and problems. Life is hard enough when we are sipping it from a cup.

I know my structure starts with my faith and when I start my day focused on Him, I get a full cup of life, joy and peace. It’s when I forget Him that things quickly get out of hand.

Our core values, the values that we treasure the most, are part of our structure. When we make decisions and take actions that are contrary to our core values, our problems quickly spill out on the counter.

Have you developed a structure to help enjoy and navigate life? What might be missing? Structure is necessary for creating a sense of stability and balance in your life. It’s worth a cup of coffee and taking a few minutes to think about it.

I’ve got a mess to clean up before CeCe comes in the kitchen. CeCe provides me a lot of structure too.