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Are We Just Showing Up?

By Joey Havens

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Simply showing up just doesn’t cut it. Today, we need team members who are going to be fully present. Passionate, focused, committed and engaged. 

We need team members who care and want to help create, innovate and build a bright future. If you want to be “in the room,” then be fully present every day. The team members who are engaged are the ones who set future direction.    

Be bold! Show courage! Ask questions (yes the “dumb” ones, too). Share concerns, worries and fears. Weigh in with some passion, people listen to passion. Listen intently to other perspectives. Find some self-think time. 

Creating and debating ideas are critical to our future success. Great strategies and innovation come from people on engaged teams. You do not need a certain position or title to help develop a strategy for the future. Share your insights.

Lack of candor in our conversations can lead to unintended consequences. Fear of conflict holds all organizations back. Teams can’t change or act on what is hidden. Don’t be part of that fear! Kill the Conflict Vampire that sucks the truth out of our teams. 

Yes, it takes courage to learn and engage. One of the most important choices we make every day—consciously or not—is whether we just show up or are fully present. What will you choose today?