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Are We Really Moving Fast Enough?

By Joey Havens

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Last week, we kicked off 5 Questions that Might Make Us #beEvenBetter, a new blog series addressing the challenges facing accounting firms today. These key questions regarding our firm’s future will help us plot safe passage through what promises to be rapid and radical transformation.

Today, let’s talk about the first question, Are we really moving fast enough?

For years, the prevailing thinking has called for leaders and teams not to move too fast. Don’t change too many things at once. Go slow and find your way. Don’t rush into mistakes.

That approach made sense for a long time, but that was before exponential advances in technology transformed all aspects of our lives. How much different is your day-to-day today than it was 20 years ago, or 10 years ago, or even five years ago? Rapid change has become a constant in all aspects of life and the pace of change only continues to increase.

I like the question “Are we really moving fast enough?” because it forces me to look at change from a different perspective. Truth is, we incur more risk today from moving too slow than we do from changing too fast. In fact, I believe we will find that in some areas of our businesses, we can’t move fast enough. And that’s when disruption will catch up to us.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll continue to explore each question and explain why they are essential to consider as you plot your firm’s course forward. 

Until then, I encourage you to share your comments or questions below to help us navigate a better future for our firms and team members, together.