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Fun Traditions Matter

By Joey Havens

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We just celebrated the Christening of our eighth grandchild, Porter James Cross. As part of this family tradition, we also hosted a brunch in our home for family and friends. What a joyous time to be together, to connect, and to celebrate the blessing of life itself. 

I must say, Porter was incredible during this ceremony and he is a beautiful baby!  

There was another really fun and meaningful family tradition during Porter’s christening. He was Christened in a beautiful gown that has been in the family for 39 years and now 22 children have been Christened wearing it. Family members had such a good time going through the initials of each child that are embroidered on the gown. This family tradition and its history was shared by the Priest during the Sunday morning service.  

Now besides the opportunity to brag a little about my newest grandchild, I also want to point out the huge benefits of fun traditions both in our family and personal lives and also in our workplace culture. As I share in Leading with Significance, being intentional is a big aspect of building fun and joy in the workplace. Having fun traditions provides leaders and team members the ability to demonstrate appreciation, connection, respect, inclusion, recognition and above all, caring.  

What are the fun traditions in your family or workplace? Do they have special meaning? I encourage you to share, as it will inspire someone to be intentional.  

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