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God Has a Purpose for Each of Us

By Joey Havens

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CeCe and I are so blessed to be on one of our bucket list trips this week.  We are on day two in Alaska as we sit beside a blazing campfire on the Kenai River.  Now if you are from Mississippi or anywhere in the southeast in August, the thought of the campfire alone is enough to make you dream.  The river is quietly flowing by with its radiant aqua color and gurgling music.  A sockeye salmon breaks the water from time to time.  The sky is full of broken clouds with sunlight peeking through.  The wind is soft and just enough to put goosebumps on your arms.  I’ve always felt God’s presence when I am in nature and this Alaska experience is second to none for me.

The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship” (Ps.19:1)

Nature just simply speaks to our hearts as part of God’s creation.  His love is magnified for each of us as you simply wonder at the beauty of his creation.  From the hand-painted rainbow trout to the glowing orange painted on the Dolly Varden, it magnifies God’s love for each of us.   A life being too busy, a life chasing more, is a life wasted. 

I encourage you to make nature part of your life. Walk, and gaze at the wonder of it all as it will bring more meaning to everything you do.  God has a purpose for each of us, and we have a thirst in our hearts to seek Him in our lives. 

CeCe, let’s get a selfie with the river before we leave.

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