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Happy With a Touch of Cinnamon

By Joey Havens

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My mother-in-law, who celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday, is fondly referred to by her nickname “Happy,” and she works hard to earn that title. Recently, Happy (with encouragement) has relocated from her lifelong roots and friends in Natchez, MS, to a wonderful retirement community in our hometown of Ridgeland, MS. (Literally, she is only about two miles from our driveway which is a blog for another time). 

On New Year’s Eve, CeCe (my wife) went over to Happy’s to help her dress for the party at the retirement home. As CeCe was doing Happy’s hair, she kept noticing that her eyebrows were really red. So red that finally she asked, “Mother, have you dyed your eyebrows?” “No,” Happy replied, “I used one of those pencils you gave me to fill them in.” Confused, CeCe asked Happy to show her what she used. Happy fumbled around in her drawer and pulled out the pencil—a bright red liner called Cinnamon. “Mother! This is for your lips, not your eyebrows!” Cece quipped. Maybe I am enjoying this story more than you, let’s just say this came as no surprise as Happy has quite a legacy for hilarious tales.

As we have shared this with family and friends, it brings more laughter every time and it’s even better when Happy tells it herself. What can we learn from Happy and her cinnamon eyebrows?

It reminded me not to take myself so seriously. Being able to laugh at ourselves is powerful. It teaches us humility and vulnerability. Happy attracts people because she doesn’t take herself too seriously and loves a good laugh—even at her expense. Am I laughing enough? Laughter has an amazing calming effect on us and helps relieve the stress that builds up in this busy world. Let’s look for our cinnamon eyebrows and share the fun! Have a laugh today! 

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