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In the Spirit of Christmas

By Joey Havens

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Oh, dear friends, it’s that wonderful time again. Christmas trees springing up, fireplaces crackling, mistletoe hanging, presents wrapped and a few too many relatives around the same table. Sure, you may be thinking – another crazy Christmas season.

Last year, I was so wrapped up in the tinsel and trappings of the holiday season that I nearly lost sight of what it was all about – love, celebration, and a deep gratitude for the life we’ve been blessed with. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This year, I’ve made a pledge to myself to keep the holiday spirit alive in my heart, and not just in the shopping cart.

In the spirit of Christmas, let’s remember to fill our days not with tasks, but with moments of warmth and joy. Your Christmas tree may not be perfect, and your gift wrapping is suspect, but remember that the season’s magic doesn’t come in a box or shiny wrapping paper. It comes from the love we share and the memories we make. This year let’s keep our hearts full and our stress levels low.

What is your favorite memory each year? Do you have a family tradition that creates wonderful memories?

Reading our grandkids the Christmas story is one of my fondest memories each year.

So here’s to a merry, bright, and heartfelt Christmas. May your memories be plentiful and your love warm those around you. May your generosity help those in need. I pray that God blesses you and yours throughout the Christmas holidays and into the new year!

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