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No Parking Tow Away Zone

By Joey Havens

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I am just beginning my early morning walk/jog on the Ole Miss Campus so you know I am excited about making a round through The Grove, past the baseball stadium, the pavilion, and eventually around the Manning Center and the football stadium.  Hitting the campus trails feels more like exploring than a jogging. Do you have a favorite place to exercise?

I must admit that today, I am really slow and it’s ironic that this sign is waving at me on my first half mile — No Parking Tow Away Zone. Laughing to myself, if I don’t pick up the pace, they might tow me away for parking too long. CeCe already has a good time poking fun at my slow jogging as it has gotten progressively worse. I know she is right, but it’s not funny. 

Like my jogging pace, in today’s fast-paced world, if you’re not speeding ahead, you’re essentially parking in a “no growth” zone, and life’s tow truck is always lurking. We would be well advised to keep this sign in sight as a daily reminder.  For our careers, it has never been so true that if we stop learning, if we park, we will be irrelevant, towed to the junkyard.  Scary?  It’s both scary and exciting as we can do more and grow faster. 

Everyone and every organization faces a steep learning curve as how we do business transforms right before our eyes.  Reading has never been more important. Experimenting has never been more valuable. Taking risks is the fastest path to learning and growth.  As I shared on my recent social media posts, the status quo is the riskiest option of all today.  This change is a hard trend, meaning whether we like it or believe it, it’s coming fast, and there will be an abundance for those who get on the learning path.  Next time you find yourself in life’s “no parking” zone, remember it’s either jog or get towed. I choose to jog, no matter how CeCe describes it.

CeCe:  That man walking past the condo looks like your pace when you go “jog.”  HaHa   

Me:   You are giving me way too much credit, and by the way, that’s not funny, CeCe.

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